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The taiji school


Tai Chi School founded by Paul Renall, descended from school Tai Chiquan, School of central equilibrium, and renowned throughout Europe Master. Located in Prague (Czech Republic), The Tai Chi School organizes workshops throughout the globe. Enter in the website and stay tuned.


Ener Qi

School of Tai Chi, Qi Gong and meditation founded by Axel Flachowsky. Located in Germany.

Taiji Klub 37

Taiji Klub 37

Club / School of Tai Chi, founded by Lenka. Located in Prague (Czech Republic).



Human Potential

Tai Chi School, founded by Marcela. Located in Hilversun (Netherlands).

Taiji Today

Taiji Today

Taichi training in the park, in Vienna. Taught by Isabella.

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The biggest tea portal in Spanish. All you need to know about the world of tea, properties, origin, cultivation, harvesting ... Just as consumer tips and more popular, so you can share your favorite varieties in facebook or twitter.

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Restaurante Garum

The best restaurant in the whole province of Almeria, and probably of Andalucia. Specializing in grilled meats, without forgetting the products of the region such as vegetables or Mediterranean fish.

Restaurante Garum, with the desire to improve, has created Garum Bistrot, a different way to enjoy the food, the best selection of tapas and portions.

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