If you belong to any association (neighbors, sports, cultural ...) or a trade (sports shop, hotel, hostel ...) we prepare workshops according to the needs. Ask us without compromise.

Also, in collaboration with thetaijischool and their instructors Paul Renall and Lenka, we will organizes workshops between 2 and 10 days. With an international environment, and top values.
You can see all workshops in 2014 from thetaijischool.


Prague Summer Taichi Residential – July 2014

From July 1st to July 27th 2014, the Taiji School offers the Prague Summer Taichi Residential Training.

Coming from our experience of park training in the last three years, we want to offer a space for training based on following, exploring and playing with whatever comes alive for every student. Thus allowing the body to learn through experience not only through intellectual understanding.

Through this type of training, students can progress by allowing the time and space for the principles to develop within.

Students have the option of participating for as little or for as long as they want.

The only prerequisite to attending is an open attitude. Beginners are Welcome!

It will be taught six days per week, 6 ½ hours per day. Monday will be the free day.

It will be taught in English.

Training Program

Each week Paul will concentrate on teaching, explaining and correcting one of four sections of the 37 posture Yang style short form.

1-6 July 1.week – 1st section (Tuesday-Sunday)

8-13 July 2.week – 2nd section (Tuesday-Sunday)

15-20 July 3.week – 3rd section (Tuesday-Sunday)

22-27 July 4.week – 4th section (Tuesday-Sunday)

Tuesday-Sunday (6 ½ hours per day)

8.00-11.00 Relaxing Exercises, Standing Postures, Form, Partner wor

11.00-11.30 Master Huang Refined Simplified Form (only for those people who have completed learning the 37 posture form)

17.00-19.00 Partner work.

19.00-20.00 Sword Form

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